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With more people entering the home inspection profession every day, it’s more important than ever for homebuyers and sellers to choose a qualified home inspector.

The lowest price doesn’t always win

Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make. So you will want to hire a professional, qualified home inspector who will perform a thorough inspection, provide you with a detailed report and be available to answer your questions. You may save a few hundred dollars for the inspection, but this could potentially result in expensive repairs down the road. Remember the best inspectors are not the least expensive. I often hear the question, “Why didn’t my inspector see that or note it in the inspection report?” Contact Jersey First to schedule your home inspection today.

Ask questions during the home inspection

Ask your inspector what will be inspected. Many home inspection company’s hit you with disclaimers before, during or after the inspection for items or systems that they do not inspect. Some home inspectors refuse to go on the roof, go into crawlspaces or remove the electrical panel covers. At Jersey First Inspection Services, we inspect the roof (as long as it is accessible), enter the crawl spaces and attics, operate all windows (if we cannot operate them all we will inform you which ones were not operated), test all kitchen appliances, the heating and air conditioning system, make sure the plumbing fixtures operate as designed, and test or operate at least 75% of switches and outlets.

Did you receive an inspection agreement?

All New Jersey licensed home inspectors are required to send an inspection agreement to the client no later than one business day after the home inspection appointment is made.

Ask for a sample inspection report

Before choosing a home inspector, ask for a sample inspection report. Look for a detailed narrative report with photos of areas of concern. Checklist reports, whether they are handwritten or computer generated are often difficult to read and interpret. These types of reports may also be missing many details. A high-quality report should be anywhere between 20-50 pages depending on the type, condition and size of the home being inspected. The report should highlight maintenance items and areas of concern. Jersey First Inspection Services does not provide you with “on the spot” handwritten, checklist or computer generated report. We spend an additional 1-2 hours after the inspection preparing a high-quality report.

Before and after the home inspection

What kind of service are you going to receive during and after your home inspection? Will your inspector spend 2 or hours inspecting your home and discussing areas of concern? At Jersey First Inspection Services, we schedule no more than two inspections per inspector per day.  This allows us to provide our clients with the best possible inspection, discuss concerns, and answer questions.

Get references and check their experience

How long has home inspector been in business? What are his qualifications? Ask for references. Jersey First inspectors are members of the American Society of Home Inspectors, licensed and certified and insured.

Choose a qualified home inspector

We receive hundreds of calls a year from buyers just pricing a home inspection. Be careful out there, choosing the wrong inspector or the least expensive inspector could cost you thousands of your hard earned dollar’s in repairs which were not uncovered during the home inspection. Contact Jersey First Inspection Services to schedule an appointment today.

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