Commercial Infrared Thermography

Property owners and facility managers often face problems with moisture and water damage in their buildings. There are many areas where moisture can accumulate and affect the structure.

As building designs and techniques produce tighter buildings, moisture (from leaks or condensation) can enter the structure and become trapped between the relatively impermeable building materials. Good building techniques typically must deal with both air sealing and moisture retarders to keep moisture from accumulating inside the wall sections.

Using Infrared Thermography to locate moisture leaks, trapped moisture, air leakage and missing/damaged insulation can be performed in a non-destructive manner. Infrared Thermography has been used for the last 30+ years and has proved itself to be an effective, convenient and economical method to detect hidden abnormalities in commercial structures.

When properly used, Infrared Thermography enables building owners, architects, contractors and inspectors to locate problems, verify building performance, and validate solutions. When people act on this information, significant savings result and buildings are more comfortable!

Jersey First level 3 Certified Infrared Thermographers can detect and pinpoint insulation defects, moisture infiltration and air leakage which can be caused by poor building construction, lax maintenance program and unreported/unknown damage.