Warranty Inspection

Jersey First Inspection Services offers one-year warranty inspections on new homes.

At the end of the first year of your new home, the builder requests you provide a punch list of concerns you may have with the home.

Most homeowners provide a list of nail pops, missing/cracked caulking and small cosmetic concerns as they may not be aware major defects exist.

If you did not have a pre-closing inspection by a licensed New Jersey Home Inspector, we recommend an inspection be performed by, prior to the end of the 11 month, to identify any major defects that may be present in the home.

The inspection report can then be given to the builder to perform any needed repairs.

Although the new home was built to code and the local building officials have inspected the home every step of construction, defects can be present.  Builders rely on sub-contractors to build every aspect of the home.  These sub-contractor are typically not educated on the components they are installing and often make mistakes.

Having a one-year warranty inspection, by Jersey First Inspection Services, can evaluate the overall quality of the home, provide a punch list of small repairs and occasionally, find significant problems that can save the buyer and builder thousands of dollars and prevent complex litigation and repairs.


Contact Jersey First Inspection Services before your new home warranty expires