Solar Panel Infrared Scans

Quality Assurance is of fundamental importance for solar panels. The failure-free operation of the solar panels is a prerequisite for efficient power generation, long life, and a high return of the investment. To ensure this failure free operation a fast, simple and reliable method to evaluate a solar panel’s performance is required after the panel has been installed.

The use of thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluation offers several advantages. Anomalies can clearly be seen on a thermal image, during normal operation. These potential problem areas can be repaired before actual problems or failures occur.

Using thermal imaging cameras for solar panel evaluations offers clients several distinct advantages over contemporary evaluations.

1. Exceptions or anomalies are clearly defined and detailed in the thermal image.
2. Solar panels are thermally scanned during normal operation under full load.  (Most other methods require disruption of service and shut-down or disconnection of the system).
3. Thermal Scans allow for considerably larger areas to be evaluated at once shortening the inconvenience of inspection disruption for your business operations and personnel.
4. Conducting an infrared inspection on a regular basis would allow for identification of defects and potential problem areas, still under warranty.
5. Jersey First Inspection Services can perform an infrared inspection of the electrical equipment associated with your solar panel installation (breakers, inverters, combiner boxes, etc.).

Documentation will include; thermographic (infrared) and conventional photos, temperatures, a list of equipment inspected and analysis (where appropriate) in a PDF report. Photo documentation will be provided only for problems found.