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Home Inspectors Offering Infrared Scans

With the cost of infrared cameras becoming less expensive, more and more home inspectors are purchasing infrared cameras and offer free infrared scans during a home inspection.

It’s the flashy new technology to get prospective buyers to use their service. What you get is nothing other than a home inspection with may be a few infrared pictures added to the inspection report, which tells you nothing about the home you are about to purchase.

We are now hearing from the field that these inspectors are calling out problems that do not exist when reviewed by a licensed professional.

At Jersey First, when requested by the client, we perform a full infrared scan of the entire home room by room. We provide a separate report identifying any exceptions (problems) in the home with a digital photo and infrared photo, where the problem is, what type of problem and what the repair is.

Training and the lack of it, is what’s driving the problem. To properly understand what you see on the screen of the infrared camera you need to have training in infrared thermograph and training in the specific areas in which you will be working (energy scans, moisture penetration etc.).

To understand infrared thermography, you must be a Level 1, 2 or 3 certified infrared thermographer in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

Most if not all these home inspectors offering infrared scans have attended an 8- or 16-hour course and receive a certification that you attended the course.

To be a Level 1, 2 or 3 Certified Infrared Thermographer requires 32 hours of classroom training and passing of a 3-hour test with an 80% or higher, for each level.

Jersey First Inspection Services recommends the following credentials if you are hiring a home inspector to perform an infrared scan of the home you are purchasing minimum Level 2 Certified Infrared Thermographer, Training and Certified in Energy Evaluations, minimum of three years performing Infrared Scans.